Friday, September 16, 2005

828 Preston Ave.

The Rothesay Apartments were designed by Herbert E. Matthews who opened a Winnipeg practice in 1905. It was built and owned by local contractors Peter Smith and George H. Kirkpatrick. The Rothesay was set upon a raised foundation. The recessed main entrance is highlighted by Tyndall stone steps, and carved door surroundings. The finished facade wraps around the west and east walls while the rear remains sand-lime brick and windows with cement sills. The interior is host to a marble lined foyer and a staircase which is lit by a skylight.George Kirkpatrick lived in the block until the mid 1940s, and while the early tenants of the building tended to be of some prestige, by the mid 1930s occupants tended to be of a more modest class. The building was sold in 1946 to Benjamin Cohen, and remained in his estate until it was sold to local interests in the late 1970s.

Also Home of the Gord Downie Suite


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