Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winkler Manitoba

Winkler Manitoba

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bethel Heritage Park Fountain

Coming Summer 2010; Winkler Manitoba's Bethel Heritage Park will be completed with the arrival of the scale replica of Central Park's 'Angel of the Waters' in New York City.  

Waddell Fountain

"This fountain was installed to commemorate Emily Margaret Waddell. Mrs. Waddell died in 1908 and stipulated in her will that if her husband Thomas, a local temperance leader, remarried, he donate $10,000 to the City for construction of a fountain. Mr. Waddell, who did remarry, was able to raise the funds and in 1914 met his obligation.
Local architect John Manuel was selected to design the fountain. Manuel also designed structures at the University of Manitoba and was active in the Manitoba Association of Architects before relocating to Alberta in 1927 to direct construction of Canadian Pacific Railway hotels at Banff and Lake Louise.
The Waddell Fountain is a rare example of High Victorian style in Manitoba and is based on the 1844 Gothic Revival monument in Edinburgh to Romantic poet Sir Walter Scott." -Manitoba Historical Society

Funding of $600,000 will support the restoration of the Waddell Fountain, built as a memorial in 1913 by the husband of Emily Margaret Waddell.  It was a prominent feature of Central Park, but has deteriorated and has not been working for several years. The Waddell Fountain is a Grade II listed structure under the City of Winnipeg’s Historic Buildings By Law and is also a Provincial Heritage Site. The fountain will be restored to its former state." -Western Economic Diversification Canada"

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