Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lofts at Bannatyne

"In 1904, Joseph Maw and Thomas Kelly started development of a six story wharehouse building to be named the Kelly Building. Nearly 100 years later, this proud warehouse has been completely restored and moves into the next century as "The Lofts on Bannatyne".

The Lofts is an example of the romanesque revival style of architecture prominent during the 1880s. Construction was brick with rusticated stone used around the windows and doors. Large arches atop upper floor windows were a trademark of this design."

I recently took a trip to Winnipeg during the "Doors Open Winnipeg" Event in May of this year and toured the "Lofts at Bannatyne". I thought this building project was much more professional than the "Fairchild lofts" on princess street; although the progress of the Fairchild Lofts was only in the early stages of completion. I would much rather live in the Lofts at Bannatyne than the Fairchild Lofts mostly because of the better location (near exchange district) and the larger more professional feel of it. I do like the idea of "Loft Living", It is an opportunity to live uptown and have little need for transportation if you work near downtown.

Below are some pictures of one of the lofts I looked at in the Bannatyne Lofts


the tapered pant said...

that's one strange looking sink in the kitchen...i'll kill you.
love the blog. Love it. keep it up.

dan said...

i think they look so ugly oh well what can you do its ikea looking junk whos bonnie!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!??! SHES GOING TO KILL YOU AAAAAAAAAH

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